House of Bots

An AI:THINGS Smart Home (AI:HOME) consists of different kinds of BOTS (like different parts of your body) which act together and intelligently to provide convenience, security and efficiency.

kinds of bots





Guards your home 24×7 and controls who enters your house and when

Informs you about a visitor through a video call on your phone; so you get to see and can talk to who's at your door

Opens the door for visitors (family, maid, friends) you have already granted permissions without bothering (but notifying) you

Allows you to open your door from anywhere, if you wish to let in a visitor

Maintains detailed picture/video logs of who all entered your house and when


Monitors and controls power consumption … and hence save on power bills

Operates electrically powered devices from anywhere

Saves energy by automatically swiching off devices when nobody's present

Automatically operate devices based on rules (scenarios), viz. after sunrise/sunset, nobody home, back home from work, etc.

Maintains detailed power consumption logs of all devices, so that you know which devices are consuming more power and can act on it


Sees, makes sense of what it sees and acts accordingly

From video streaming to 'knowledge streaming', using cognitive computer vision, it understands what it sees

Detects the presence of unauthorized/ unidentified person

Guards and warns against valuables being stolen

Warns against kids and elderly people falling down