Re-engineering Life

… bit by byte

What We Do

In our daily life, we are constantly interacting with - what we call - our DLE (Daily Life Ecosystem) comprising people, objects and systems. Our interaction with our DLE determines how we live/work, travel, take care of our health, entertain, socialise, etc.

We try to re-engineer how we interact with our DLE using digital technology to make it more effective, convenient and efficient. TL;DR we try to create a better and more sustainable way of living

How we Re-engineer


we try to make our DLE more connected (this increase the systemic knowledge dissemination)

Machine Learning

we try to effectively harness machine learning to delegate monotonous jobs, and to apply larger collective human wisdom wherever applicable

Humanise Interaction

we try to make "living" more human centric by effectively utilising face/voice recognition wherever it makes sense

Business Model

we try to implement a better way of living through smart business models to ensure inclusivity and economic sustainability

harnessing DIGITAL technology

We use cutting edge digital technology (AI, IoT, Bioinformatics, etc.) to help create a better way of living

Current Operating Verticals


Home/office/hotel automation


Electric bike (scooter) sharing platform


24x7 healthcare with AI-assisted doctors